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Any tool that is fluent in HTTP can communicate with the API simply by requesting the correct URI. Requests should be made using the HTTPS protocol so that traffic is encrypted. The interface responds to different methods depending on the action required.

GETFor simple retrieval of information about user accounts, projects, or etc, you should use the GET method. The information you request will be returned to you as a JSON object.
The attributes defined by the JSON object can be used to form additional requests. Any request using the GET method is read-only and will not affect any of the objects you are querying.
POSTTo create a new object, your request should specify the POST method.
The POST request includes all of the attributes necessary to create a new object. When you wish to create a new object, send a POST request to the target endpoint.
DELETETo delete a record, the DELETE method should be used. This will remove the specified object if it is found. If it is not found, the operation will return a response indicating that the object was not found.
This idempotency means that you do not have to check for a resource’s availability prior to issuing a delete command, the final state will be the same regardless of its existence.
PUTTo update the information about a record, the PUT method is available.
Like the DELETE Method, the PUT method is idempotent.